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Is God in Charge or You?

Ah, the everlasting balancing act of making things happen in your life, and letting go and letting God.

(Or the Universe, or higher energy, etc.—I’m going to use “God” in most of this post, but feel free to substitute with your own personal beliefs.)

I’ve heard this popular saying many times in my life (and I’ve seen it, or something almost identical, attributed to St. Ignatius Loyola, St. Augustine, and Dave Ramsey, all within the first few results of a Google search…)

Pray like everything depends on God.
Work like it all depends on you.

Who is really in charge here?

Is it all in God’s hands and going to happen as He wills regardless?

Is it up to you to decipher His will and fulfill it?

Is it up to you to decide what you’re willing to go for then make it happen?

Some might simply say, “What’s the question here? It’s so obvious—we pray to know God’s will and ask for His help in gratitude, and then we go do all we can.”

And they’re right—it is that simple… in our minds…

But take a good, honest assessment of your experiences and results in life, and the way you approach that “pray and work” balance. Are you really doing everything you can, or when failure appears imminent, do you stop your efforts with comments like, “Oh, well. I guess that wasn’t God’s will after all.”?

Look, there is nothing wrong with recognizing a bad turn here and there, but it is an epidemic when so many of us end up using “God’s will” as an excuse to stop short of excellence, to stop short of our goals.

Your Unified Relationship with God

Some scriptures state that when you do what He says, His hands are tied, but when you don’t, you have no promise.

Others remind us the lily in the field takes no concern for its care, it just thrives where it is without worry as the sun and dew nourish it.

Yet others remind us of the great power of choice we have been divinely given in this life.

So how do these fit together in our daily lives to move us forward, following the ultimate Law of all—the Law of More Life?!

Regardless of your spiritual or religious affiliation, here’s the high truth in this concept:

Whether you believe God is fully in charge or not, you must get up and get it done.

Whether you believe you are on your own or not, you must trust in at least the natural Universe to respond to your efforts.

This goes back to the “Straight and Narrow” concept where what seems to be polar opposites dwell in perfect harmony within you.

Whether your beliefs relate to the natural Universe, God, higher energy, Source, quantum physics, or something else, you are completely responsible for your efforts and how you experience life, AND you can rely on that force outside of yourself to respond back to you with a mirror and expansion of what you put out there.

  1. Trust your inner desires, because if they are not dysfunctional, they are assuredly divine.
  2. Trust in your personal development work—grow to stop putting out there fear of what you don’t want to receive, and put more out there of what you do want to receive!
  3. Do let go and let God, in the sense that all of your efforts carry an open energy, as you watch for the clues and opportunities around you.
  4. Do work like it all depends on you. Create a sense of urgency to drive you forward, while keeping the energy open and non-restrictive so you can receive all that is available to you, which is everything the Universe is and has.

Find that straight and narrow place where those truths coexist in perfect harmony and go out and LIVE!

From there, you can do anything! You can pay your bills on time. You can stock your favorite food. You and your children can create magnificent experiences. You can bless way more people in your business and charity work.

Start here now, and start experiencing what is “there” right away.

Stop Doing it Alone

Seriously, stop.

(And I can say this because I am the queen of doing it alone, and I’m so done with that, as evident by my own resurgence through high-level coaching and speaking support.)

I guarantee finding that balance, moving forward, creating real change, and transforming your life to the next level of your greatness is so much harder alone than with the right support.

If you are serious about the next level you want to experience, then you are equally serious about being a part of the universal community of giving and receiving in order to achieve it!

Remember that what you put out there comes back to you. Everything naturally works together in this way for your benefit and for the benefit of those around you.

Here is one opportunity to get that level of support, and get the give and take flow moving:

For May 2017 (or until spots fill, whichever comes first) I am slashing my coaching prices as I launch my new S.E.L.F. (Self-Empowered Life Formula) Coaching Program.

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You can absolutely rely on God and the Universe, and you can absolutely trust yourself to do what it takes. You just have to really want it, and set yourself up for success!

(I can help you with both of those.)

You’ve got this!

The One True Straight and Narrow Path

For some, the term “Straight and Narrow Path” is a moral code.

I grew up in a religion that used the phrase to indicate that moral code, plus a collection of behaviors, rites, and rituals one must accomplish in order to receive exaltation.

Years ago, well before my traumatic but beautiful faith transition, I started to see a new meaning unfold.

As I took step after step into my own personal awareness journey, I started to connect on a deeper level with character attributes—where they served me, where they went too far, and where they didn’t go far enough.

If I was working on a new coaching program, kung fu skill, or speaking engagement, I had to infuse my own confidence into the project in order to keep pressing ahead rather than quitting at every whisper of my past screaming at me that “I can’t.”

If I took that confidence too far, it turned into arrogance, infused with ego, and stopped me from seeking valuable support or feedback.

If I remained humble, but remembered all of the proof in my life that I’m truly “less than the dust of the earth,” I slipped into self-doubt and depression.

I started to realize there is a perfect place where confidence without arrogance, and humility without depression coexist.

This is the Straight and Narrow Path to ultimate joy and love.

This is that perfect place of BEing within ourselves that serves us and others in the best possible way.

Amend this Common Dichotomy Immediately…

This Straight and Narrow applies to all of the vast dichotomys of life, however one stands out to me today as I see clients, students, and friends subconsciously use one beautifully true principle to squash an even more important truth—the value of their own self-love.

Serving others is a critical component of a fulfilling life, however, hands down, most people overvalue serving others and undervalue honoring themselves.

Regardless of how much they know and believe this principle intellectually, the real, tangible results in their life indicate they don’t actually believe it in their very being.

If you take an honest look at the evidence in your life and discover this is you, then it’s time to flip it on its head!

You MUST begin with the utmost love and respect for yourself in order to create the best you to give to others—the best energy, value, hope, friendliness, love, clarity of mind, and the list goes on.

There can be no other way to successfully render loving service but to begin with you. To attempt to forget yourself and begin with another person, is to destroy the order of existence, and to deny those you would serve of the very best of yourself.

Those in my Tai Chi classes will recognize the successful resolution of this dichotomy in the principle of the substantial vs. unsubstantial, as it relates to the anchor of your self-love feeding the ability to serve others as much as you would like.

Of course, do not restrict yourself in serving others until you feel fulfilled—it’s a symbiotic relationship, in which you’ll rapidly achieve your balance when you use both aspects to feed and uplift the other.

The Many Faces of the Straight and Narrow

What other character traits are valuable, but can easily contradict each other when taken too far or not far enough?

Here are some examples:

  • Confidence & Humility
  • Self-Love & Serving Others
  • Exuding Joy & Processing Grief
  • Living in Abundance & Budgeting Realistically
  • Being Actively Fit & Pampering/Resting/Recovering
  • Working IN Your Business & Working ON Your Business
  • Productive Drive & Relaxation

Which of these do you feel are on point? Which are struggles for you?

Are there others that come to mind?

It’s a lifelong process to establish and live fully in your One True Straight and Narrow path of balance for benefit of your own greater good and of those around you. Awareness is the first step, followed by a commitment to adjusting.

Though this doesn’t happen overnight, we will establish the foundation for your balanced Straight and Narrow Path with the next group or private coaching offering.


For May 2017 (or until spots fill, whichever comes first) I am slashing my coaching prices as I launch my new S.E.L.F. (Self-Empowered Life Formula) Coaching Program.

Send me an email at Support@TanishaMartin.com to schedule a complimentary SELF-Discovery session to see how your self-love mindset and success-driven actions rate and where they are stuck, holding you back from having the time, money, or energy to excel to your next level and to love your life right now.


Celebrate this Year’s Completion with a Bang!

Are You Celebrating or Hiding Out?

It’s that time again when we are deciding whether to celebrate all we accomplished this year, or to hang our head down and just try to make it through the holidays.

Even if the latter is true for you, it’s hard not to get at least a glimmer of hope as the energy of a new start in 2017 permeates the air that, “Next year will be different!” [Or “even better” if this year rocked your world!]

“I’ll finally shed that weight, grow my business, let go of an old lover, spend more time with my aging parent, etc., once and for all!”

I’m in that place with my weight. I’ve hovered at the highest weight I’ve ever been for a long time, which started when my ex and I were so broke we were living off free or 1/2-off pizza and pasta from his work. It makes me shudder to think that was my primary diet!

Even though we parted ways a several years ago, and my diet is much closer to my healthy standard now, I still haven’t kicked the weight. To further complicate it, I have had such painful back issues that culminated in knee pain that has severely limited my kung fu fitness.

Thankfully this year, it finally dawned on me that I am awesome at manifesting miracles out of the blue and seeing amazing results in other areas, so why not apply the exact same system I use and teach my clients with fantastic results to this issue?!!! Seems like a no-brainer, but it seriously didn’t occur to me until I was so frustrated with it I thought I might have to just give it all up.

Not two days after I determined I would turn this around using my own signature coaching process, one of my kung fu students contacted me and shared his experience not only in personal training, which I knew he did, but with post-rehab and corrective exercises. I was blown away that someone I had known for years might have a path to healing for me!

And that’s how this works—we make a decision (Spirit of the Crane, if you’ve been following me for any length of time) and an opportunity (Spirit of the Mantis) presents itself.

The other thing that comes up, however, is a challenge to make us quit, and those have been coming up right and left, until I recognize them and kick their trash because they are NOT stopping me (Spirit of the Tiger).

I am a few months in to a year-long effort to correct my body issues, then train up more aggressively for the following year, in order to prepare for the third year, which will be full of various pre-tests as I advance to 6th degree black belt.

I am on track and feel amazing every day I keep the goal in sight and do the work!

So what about you?

What do you want to achieve?
What are you ready to make happen once and for all?

What comes up for you when you think about it?

Is it all excitement and surety?

Or is there a hidden black cloud about ready to rain on your parade because:

  • You haven’t actually done it before
  • You always start a new goal or a new year’s resolution then forget about it within a few weeks
  • No one else will believe you can do it
  • You’ve made it this far without it, so why go through all the effort, it probably won’t happen anyway…

I hope you’re not latching on to those thoughts, but I know they creep in for most people.

Even with my weight, I’ve planned on dropping it for the last few years without success, but guess what is awesome about life? Past failures have no bearing on future successes. Neither do others’ thoughts about it—only your own thoughts and actions determine your rate of success.

We go around basing our choices on PROBABILITY based on our track records, while completely ignoring POSSIBILITY based on new choices we can EASILY make!

Yes, I said “easily.” It is easy. Change is surprisingly very easy. The only thing that makes it hard is our resistance to change. Clear the resistance and you can create any change you want in a very short time.

It’s time to make the changes you’ve had in mind all year to finally get the results you want.

You Are Right There—Make It Happen!

Since we are wrapping up 2016, and you and I both know that change is drastically easier when you have support, I am offering a special end-of-year private coaching package! Learn more here.

Or, if you’d rather ride out the holidays and begin with a bang in 2017, you can Design Your Empowered Life beginning January 10, 2017 through my brand new 3-month program. Learn more at TanishaMartin.com/empowered life.

Email me at Support@TanishaMartin.com if you would like a complimentary Discovery Session to more clearly determine how I can support you.

This life is yours, and it’s the only one you have.
Grab it and take it where you want to go!

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How Intention Stops You Dead in Your Tracks

What matters more, the “intention” or the result?

Goal CalendarOn one hand, it’s the thought that counts, right?

Sure, the thought often weighs more in relationships where, for example, your loved one “intended” to do something nice for you and fell flat on their face by getting you that lovely scarf in your worst color, or taking you to that play you would absolutely love, but you had to pinch yourself to stay awake the whole time.

We value the giver’s “intention” to please us—we look straight past the flop and right into their heart because we know they care about us. It might even make for a funny story later, like Hitch‘s first date with Sara or Albert making a huge scene and quitting his job trying to “shock and awe” Allegra! (Love that movie!)

But within our own selves where our livelihoods are at stake, intention doesn’t pay the bills. You can’t “intend” to get a new client by such and such a date to cover, say, a rent increase, and if it doesn’t happen just decide you’ll try again next month.

This is where that loose definition of intention will stop you dead in your tracks. To actually achieve your goals and get results, is critical to learn what intention really is.

As a noun, intention is:

  1. an act or instance of determining mentally upon some action or result.
  2. the end or object intended; purpose.

If you “determine mentally upon some action or result,” that means you determine that action or result WILL happen, that “the end or object intended” WILL occur.

100% Intention = Results

If you make ten sales calls to try to secure a new client, and everyone says, “No,” you may get discouraged and decide to try again next month. If that is the case, then what you really intended in the first place was to make sales calls and stop when you’ve made all ten on your list.

Your intention turned out not to be a new client, but merely to make some sales calls. If your intention was truly to secure the new client, you would make another list or explore other ways to reach potential clients, perhaps through referrals from current clients.

You would explore and exhaust every option available to you until you secure the new client.

How do you take your intention and translate that into getting results?

4 ways to ensure your intention will take you across the finish line to your goal:

  1. Be clear on what your intention really is.
    Whether it is merely to make the ten sales calls or to, in fact, secure the new client.
  2. Forget alternate semantics.
    From now on, your definition of “intention” is with the results in mind. Never allow yourself to use the excuse, “I meant to… I intended to… I wanted to… I tried to…” again.
  3. Make a full 100% intention.
    1% or even 99% intention guarantees only the chance that you’ll experience the result. Only 100% intention guarantees the result. Explore your big “why” for help getting you over the edge.
  4. Practice, practice, practice.
    Keep this process top-of-mind until you really know what it means within yourself to have 100% intention and get results. Get help on my FREE call Monday, December 1, 2014, “9 Ways to Score Big on Your Next Goal.”