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The Only Path to Your Goal that Matters

Your Dreams, Your Journey

Country Road

I didn’t have a clue before.

Now, when I step out of my comfort zone into something new, which to keep growing means I’m doing it a LOT, I feel the same way every time. It’s like I’m a brand new white belt all over again.

My saving grace when I’m going for something completely new is I have surrounded myself with support, specifically the knowledge and experience of others who have done what I want to do. That doesn’t completely take away the “I don’t know what the hell I’m doing” thoughts, but it does give me the courage to do what I need to do anyway.

I have gained so muchfrom other coaches’ blueprints, road maps, step-by-step guides, how-tos, live events, and coaching programs, both in mindset as well as practical business and marketing areas. Every single one of those programs I’ve invested in (which ranged from hundreds of dollars to 5-figures—yes, I’ve participated in a 5-figure coaching program and loved it!)… every single one was in one way or another a major, necessary step up to helping me grow and evolve until I am typing this post, recognizing I am truly on the path, having heeded the call of my purpose.

Those programs have all given me a foundation for my life and business and helped me begin putting some tools and system in place to serve my clients.


What they haven’t done, is explained to me the exact opportunities that would propel me forward.

How can they? The formulas are guidelines to get you moving, and you have to have those in place to create a space for the real magic to come in. That usually involves specific opportunities that become available to you, which could never have been predicted.

I went to Suzanne Evans and Larry Winget’s Hell Yeah Star event in the fall of 2013, which focused on creating your personality brand through your look, your book, and your talk. I attended knowing that someday, somehow I was going to write a book and speak in the media and at event to share my message of awareness and hope. I learned incredibly valuable information and had an amazing transformational experience while at HYS.

Now, a little over a year later, I have had three national radio segments on Your Weekend with Jim Brickman, two local news interviews on camera for ABC and FOX affiliates, a live AM talk radio interview in Salt Lake City, I am going to be interviewed for their show again to air on March 7, and I’m being scheduled for a high profile celebrity’s new podcast next month. I’m editing two chapters from my book so my manager can begin to shop literary agent and traditional publisher connections he has. And more to come.

Those are examples of what new and exciting opportunities will come your way. For some, it’s not about media exposure or sharing a message on that scale, rather it’s about getting and serving their next five clients, finding the solution to a family dispute, or learning how to care for so many responsibilities without neglecting themselves. Regardless of the specific goal, the point remains.

All of the coaching I’ve participated in has helped me prepare, but nothing could have predicted how this has and will continue to play out.

The path that actually caused the massive progression I’m experiencing was (and is) my action on my inspired purpose.

The only path that truly matters is your authentic purpose.

Your authentic purpose set on a solid foundation drives the path. With support, coaching, and some semblance of systems in place, when you follow your authentic purpose, and doors will fly open.

I can track key events on a timeline that facilitated all of this, from my major breakthrough that shattered my income ceiling for the first time and simultaneously gave me the self-respect and courage I needed to leave my abuse marriage, to my reaching out to my non-scripted talent manager having only a small idea of what I was hoping to learn from him, to my shedding of my crippling fear of judgment I posted about a couple weeks ago, to so many other moments.

I could take it back even further to the realization I had in my twenties that I couldn’t stay longer than a year and a half at any job. Some would say I wasn’t willing to pay my dues or do what it takes to care for myself financially, but I’ve come to understand that it was part of my divine nature to recognize inspiration and the fact that I was made to do so much more in this world than be owned by a boss and clock in and clock out. Have there been a lot of struggles trying to figure it all out? Heck yeah. But every single one has been worth it to be where I am today and where I am going.

I could even take it back as far as I can remember when we were on a road trip and my dad would ask me about my dreams for when I grew up. I described to him the restaurant I wanted to own, and the design I drew with eyes all over the exterior. (WTH was that about?!) I planned an amusement park where there was a giant giraffe structure that would show movies in the belly and one of the legs was a slide you use to exit. My dad was pivotal in fostering my imagination and developing my problem-solving/analytical part of my thinking. He passed away a few years ago, and those two skills are among my greatest assets as an entrepreneur.

All of these experiences are part of my authentic journey, and these last few months have been the pinnacle result of those in my life thus far. It’s thrilling beyond measure, and I hope you are likewise heeding the call for your life! If you are, then now is the perfect time for you to join me and others like us in my next Inner Circle Group Coaching Program where I will help you clear out the boulders in the path, and create your own opportunities.

Your life is waiting, the time is now. Learn more and register here.


No, You Can’t Do the Impossible

I Can’t? But “Impossible” Says “I’m Possible”…

"I'm scared to dream. What if it's impossible?"
To dream or not to dream the impossible dream…

…Audrey Hepburn said so! Nope, sorry. You can’t. You cannot do the impossible. Now, I know you’re thinking I burst your pretty bubble full of possibilities, and you’re either bummed and discouraged or you’re angry and determined to prove me wrong. Either way, cool. Keep reading.

Larry Winget opened my eyes to this fact, and by doing so, actually opened MORE opportunities to me, not less. Here’s what Audrey said…

Nothing is impossible, the word itself says “I’m possible”!

She’s saying to quit thinking dreams and goals are impossible and get off your excuses and go out and achieve what you want. I CONCUR!

Look, if something is impossible, that means it CANNOT be done. If you assess an opportunity and consider it impossible, and then go and do it anyway, then it wasn’t actually impossible in the first place, it was just really, really hard. Got it?

On one hand we look at our dreams and goals, then freak out and give up, thinking they are impossible. On the other hand, we might see them as impossible, but if we want them bad enough, that just motivates us more to muster our greatest will and go conquer them. Either way, we’re on one extreme or the other and it’s an internal battle. Forget the battle, just realize that the truly impossible can’t be done, and almost everything you thought was impossible before is actually doable.

Quit thinking everything is so damn hard, because that’s a story you made up in your head so you don’t have to step out of your comfort zone and create new, wonderful experiences for your life. Quit it. Stuff is doable. Stuff is easier when you think, “Easy.” Forget doubt, fear, worry, and negativity. It IS EASY!

I can’t tell you how many times that simple mindset shift has made a HUGE impact on my life. The first time I decided I had to break through and see if this stuff really worked, I was desperate. I couldn’t take one more second of my struggle. I gave myself two weeks for absolutely no fear, doubt, or worry. When I started that two weeks, I had $3 to my name. On day one, I made HALF of my previous month’s income. On day two, I made the other half. By the end of ten days (four days early) I had reached my goal. By the end of the month (because why stop at just two weeks?!) I had tripled my previous month’s income, a feat I had NEVER done before, and a sum I had NEVER earned in a month before.

Want to know what I did? I allowed ZERO fear, doubt, and worry. I also put myself first—I did something EVERY day that fulfilled me, and I did it first thing in the morning. And I kept the Universal Laws and Truth in front of me so I wouldn’t give up. I didn’t get a whole new business or marketing effort. I looked around with new eyes and found tools and resources I already had in my life. My mindset shift was the single most important factor in that gain. Period. I decided to think easy instead of hard, and I was SHOCKED at how easy it truly was. Life responds to your perception, so go ahead and make it easier on yourself! Go find the solution to the thing you want and get it done! I’m right here with ya! :)

How a Pink Dot Ruined My Day, and How I Coached Myself Back to Happy

The Pink Dot of Despair

I recently went to an amazing conference hosted by the fabulous and in-your-face Suzanne Evans and Larry Winget. It was all about creating your personality brand, your look, your book, and your talk, all things on my radar since I signed with an L.A. non-scripted talent manager at WJD Media a couple months ago. We are at the very beginning of some projects, so as of yet, I’m not saying much about them, but I’m way excited! Shortly after signing (and struggling to discover my place in that world), I received information about the Hell Yeah Star event, and jumped all over it to get clarity in my message and more information about the industry.

On the last day, after several “audition”-type tasks and a LOT of learning, we were given a black or pink dot for our lanyard on our way into the morning session. We had no idea what it meant or what to expect that day, until lunch when they separated us into two banquet halls, one for the pink dots and one for the black dots. I soon discovered that the other room was the one I wanted to be in, the one where they would offer a program to step up your personality brand with the direct guidance of Suzanne and Larry. But they decided I wasn’t good enough for that. Maybe my greatest fears were true. Maybe I was ugly and pitifully styled. Maybe my message was bad. I wasn’t going to make it. I wouldn’t cut it. I wasn’t worth it. I was sick to my stomach.


I reminded myself if I was feeling sick, anxious, and just plain bad, that it was because of something in me.

I stopped playing negative scenarios over and over in my head and thought it through. I started silently in my thoughts, then wrote a few notes on my notepad to gain more clarity, then finished out loud to my new, very supportive friend, Rose, whom I had met on the first day of the event.

I discovered I was upset because…

I wanted to be recognized for my future, when I hadn’t accomplished much yet, relatively speaking. I wanted my future to happen with the hand-held guided path by Suzanne and Larry. Ultimately, I thought it meant they didn’t believe in me, and I couldn’t handle “not mattering.”

I realized everything I thought was made up because…

I honestly had no idea what they were actually thinking, so why assume it’s all of those crappy judgments against me? They may have indeed seen potential. I know Jimbo, who took my screen test (first ever) said it was f’ing amazing and asked what I did for a living in such a way as if to say, “You surely do this all the time!” (Maybe not all the time, but he was surprised and pleased!) They may have debated me. They may have wanted me in the program, but knew I needed to do some work before I was ready to take off. Who knows?

Before lunch was complete, I realized I had indeed been given the dot I needed.

I had to admit that I really did need some major business growth and cash flow, and that was, in fact, the offer I was given in the pink dot room. I also had a manager, so I did indeed have help going forward with my personality brand, look, book, and talk. I had a lot of work to do in that area as well as in business when I got home! I am going to do the things discussed at the event, and just because I’m not doing it with Suzanne and Larry, doesn’t mean I’m not going to do it, make it, love it, and live it!

After that lunch, I stood tall (well, as tall as a five foot one and three quarters girl can stand—heels help…), happy, and incredibly driven.

Tenacious Task

Next time you have that pit in your stomach anxiety, pain, doubt, fear, or worry, instead of giving in to it, do this:

  1. Recognize you are upset (regardless of who or what else is involved), and that can only be because there is something “off” in you. (You have a conflict within yourself, a misunderstanding, a false hope, any number of things…) Take a time out and work it out.
  2. Verbalize or write what you are feeling.
  3. Verbalize or write what could be a legitimate truth that would not feel hurtful. In other words, come up with a possible scenario in which the same result occurs, but the meaning or cause behind it is something you can live with. (In this case, I realized my business did need more work, and I in fact had help for the personality brand growth. Other circumstances might require having compassion on another person’s past, understanding their perspective, recognizing a misunderstanding, or realizing their opinion doesn’t actually matter, etc…)
  4. Acknowledge the good in the current situation and take action to move forward. 

Grow a Pair

Grow a Pair: How to Stop Being a Victim and Take Back Your Life, Your Business, and Your Sanity ~ Larry Winget

If you are in business or want to get ahead in your own life, you most definitely need to grow and live by a well-developed “pair.”

A pair obviously means balls. But don’t be sophomoric and turn this into some grade school sexual thing. … I’m talking about mental balls. …

Growing a pair is a state of mind, an attitude, and a way of thinking. It’s about giving up being a victim and taking control of your life at every level. It is the willingness to do the right thing even when everyone else is doing the wrong thing. It has roots in personal responsibility, accountability, confidence, and integrity.

The Pitbull of Personal Development® and New York Times Bestselling Author hits the nail on the head with this no-holds barred, in your face, gold mine of truth. He is not devoid of compassion, but he knows “there, there” and coddling don’t get you off your pity train and onto the fast track to your best life.

It’s a fast read, full of guidance for growing a pair around just about everything from money, dealing with people, strangers, employees, business associates, and your own self. Get it at your local bookstore or here at Amazon and get ready to drop your drama and step up to the plate for a home-run every time!