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Empowerment Living and Faith Transition

Introduction to Commonalities Between Empowerment and Faith Transition

I have wondered whether I’d ever broach “faith transition” in conjunction with Empowerment Coaching, and the more I’ve shared about it on my personal Facebook Profile over the last year, the more I realize how it fits with the needs of many in our community here.

This is my first post on this topic on my Empowerment Blog, and I will import and add more here under a new category dedicated to experiences around “Faith Transition.”

There are so many joyful and challenging commonalities between the various aspects of a “faith crisis” or “faith transition” experience and personal development for empowerment!

Among them:

  • Living your authentic self
  • Recognizing your divine nature and worth with ZERO caveats
  • Dealing with criticisms of loved ones who don’t understand or can’t fathom what you’ve discovered or why you take the path you are on
  • Breaking out of the mold of the standard “middle/working class” mindset in favor of greater joy and abundance, and breaking out of the family and/or religious mold also in favor of greater joy and abundance
  • Leaving your tribe, your known world and community for the unknown
  • Embracing unrestricted access to all the Universe has for you

I’ve had many meaningful spiritual experiences and transformational breakthroughs in my life, and by far my faith crisis and subsequent transition has become the single most significant (traumatic, joyful, and important) event of my life.

If you’ve been through a faith transition, posts in this category will hopefully serve as support from someone who knows how traumatic having your entire world flipped upside-down in this way can be.

If you haven’t but know someone who has, I hope these will serve as a basis for understanding and thoughtful discussion.

Varied Beliefs Between Coach and Client

No matter what religious or other “package” you put around High Truth/Universal Laws, the Laws remain and are compatible with any belief system. I have experienced them as a firm believer in my former religion, and as a post-believer, and I’ve found they function the same.

Empowerment Coaching with me has no bearing on what religion, spirituality, or atheism you and I personally ascribe to, and as long as we both fully realize that, we can work together in utmost respect.

As always, the ultimate goal is for personal empowerment, whereby we can live our most fabulous lives and influence the world to do the same!

Are You Robbing Yourself of Your Own Success?

Are You Committing this Common Mistake that is Robbing You of Your Own Success?

WomanTake a snapshot of your life right now. What does it look like? Are you completely satisfied with everything you ARE, HAVE, KNOW, BELIEVE, and DO?

If you said, “Yes,” I call BS. We should always be happy where we are, so in that regard—awesome! But we should never let that become complete satisfaction, because once we do, we have no reason to grow. And when we cease to grow, we decline.

If you said, “No,” then you are already in the zone for growth, so consider that a good thing!

While we are enjoying each present moment, let’s also look at the excitement of the next phase for us!

What would you like to see different? What would you like to see more of or less of in your life? Is this personal in nature or around your business? Narrow it down to one significant goal and laser focus on that.

With that in mind, let’s give you a step-up to make sure that you will move in that direction and achieve your goal. Here is a common mistake that is robbing you of your own success.

“But HOW? What’s the Path?”

HOW can I do it?

I haven’t been able to achieve this before, so why should I believe I can now?

I need to see the entire path before I will commit to this goal.

Your goals are new, often scary, and they stretch you outside your comfort zone. Inevitably you want to know how to get there, often before you’ll even decide to make the goal, but this is a mistake.

It’s a mistake because it’s not how the Universe works.

If you would have the entire path laid out for you, then you would have already experienced your goal and would already have that result in your life. Because it’s a new experience, there is no way for you to see the exact path. Some pieces and known avenues, sure, but not the entire path as it will work out for you.

At the same time, if you don’t make a firm 100% decision to achieve the goal, whose path you can’t fully see, the Universe has no reason to show you the path. It doesn’t need to respond to that line of desire if you haven’t decided on the goal in the first place, simply because you haven’t decided you are going to achieve that goal yet. You haven’t decided to do it, so you don’t need to know how to do it.

The only guaranteed way to see the path is to walk the path. As you move, the steps will become clear.

I can’t tell you why faith matters so much, I just know that it does.

Have faith that the NEXT STEP will be revealed to you as you seek it, and once you take it, you can seek the step after that. You will follow this again and again until you achieve your goal!

Take a look at your life, I bet you can find at least one instance, if not several, where you have experienced exercising faith to achieve a goal, which you were determined would 100% happen, and it did!

You know it comes down to your decision to make it happen regardless of whether or not you knew how in the first place, and all the pieces came together for you in spite of (and sometimes because of) any challenges along the way.

9 Ways to Score Big on Your Next Goal

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