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To Be or Not to Be the REAL YOU

That is the question to which we all oscillate between conflicting answers—”Yes,” in theory, “no,” in reality.

Can You Be Your REAL Self AND Do Amazing Things?

We want to do amazing things, but we know we fall short. So short, we might not have to duck under low branches (staying small keeps us “safe” from opposition), but we still can’t reach the fruit (the magic that comes from stretching to live our deepest, most fulfilling lives).

We are flawed beings who may function and even thrive, but won’t ever get to that truly amazing place, because our screw-ups and problems keep us from ever being good enough.

This is what we often say to ourselves, or what we hear in the messages shouted at us by others and by our harsh challenges in life.

It isn’t the truth, though. Well, half of it is true, but the conclusion is completely off base.

Here’s what’s true:

  • You’re not perfect.
  • You do have flaws.
  • There have indeed been some screw-ups, messes, and hardships along the way.

Yeah, sometimes your real self sucks.

But… here’s what’s also true that we tend to forget:

  • That is NORMAL
  • That is part of being HUMAN
  • It MEANS nothing
  • You are worthy just as you are
  • That is beautiful

YOU Can Do Amazing Things

I want to be really clear…

You do not have to be someone other than yourself to do amazing things.

You do not have to be someone you are not to do amazing things.

You do not have to change who you are to do amazing things

YOU can do amazing things.

How do I know?

I’m pretty open about having a history of depression, social anxiety, and self-loathing, being a DVSA (domestic violence & sexual assault) survivor, and the fact that up until last year (when I went through the worst hell and most significant breakthrough of my life, a whole other story), I still had a suicidal thought regularly, like every week. This was BEFORE, DURING, and AFTER:

  • Achieving my 1st through 5th degree black belt ranks.
  • Taking over my kung fu school to be the owner and head instructor.
  • Taking commissions for fine art portraits.
  • Becoming a freelance graphic designer with local, national, and internationally relevant clients.
  • Creating massive breakthroughs in my life including busting through income barriers and leaving my abusive marriage.
  • Using my unique insight and experience to coach clients through their own personal or business breakthroughs.

Here’s my secret—

I didn’t wait until I was “perfect” or “better” to move forward in my life. I moved forward in my life so I could improve and be better.

I did all of those things and more IN SPITE of my flaws, weaknesses, and struggles. I just did it anyway.

This is what my clients do too. This is what you can do too.

So can you be your real self AND do amazing things?

Hell yes you can.

Besides, it’s not even you that has to change!

It’s the protective facade you have around yourself that has to be shed in order to reveal the real you.

It’s the “facade you” that is running the show manifesting what you have now, while the real you is tucked away inside, wanting something more or different, but staying safe from whatever you fear.

It’s that fear that we’re discussing on this FREE call, Shine Without Fear!

Fear of the judgment of others is so unbelievably common, we’re focusing on it as the main theme, and there are so many other fears to which this content will apply as well.

Yes, you will transform. No you will not lose yourself, rather you will gain so much more of yourself you will wonder why you ever doubted in the first place!

I hope to see you on the call. Learn more and register here.

In the meantime, do what you love through the fear. Do what you love in spite of your real or perceived flaws and weaknesses. Just do it anyway.

4 Keys to Learning to Trust Again

“Trust” has come up a lot lately, with clients, students, prospects, and with myself.

For example, one client recently had to face the fact she didn’t trust she could make major changes in her life, her health, her family, friend, and associate relationships, and in her business.

One student admitted she has a go-to response of skepticism and wondering what someone’s ulterior motive is.

One of my Periscope followers didn’t trust there could be a result other than failure if she tried to do something big, new, and powerful in her life.

Trust is “photobombing” my mind as I have some things going on in my life that are forcing me to face where I stand with it.

Does anyone not have trust issues? Has anyone not had their trust broken?

Romantic Trust Issues Are Like Every Other Trust Issue

Probably the biggest area for trust with me right now is with men and potential romantic interests.

A couple of months ago, I started receiving some male attention from about three people out of the blue in the same week. One I thought was platonic. One I thought was interested in me. One I had no idea if he was interested or not. It didn’t matter if I knew the motivation, just the idea that I was attracting new male attention of any kind was too much for me.

I literally laid in bed for two days depressed—I couldn’t handle the fear it evoked. Even with all of the personal development work I have done, it still got to me.

This is the power of broken trust when it is still lingering.

Remember, not that long ago, I was in a marriage with a guy who displayed multiple personality-type behavior—I quit counting at 150 personas, and one time he told me he was “more aware of it” than he let on, which means possibly HE, not some obscure personality sexually assaulted me, HE told me I was destroying him while in the next breath through another “personality” HE begged me to never give up on him, not to mention the other incidences which were already considered to have been done by the “main personality” anyway—he choked me, he cheated on me, he used me in humiliating scenarios in texts with other women, and he manipulated me.

…Until I had a major breakthrough and got out of that bizarre and twisted situation.

Even though I got out, the effects of having been there too long (even having been there at all) were in me. It was too late, I was going to have to deal with them. Some, like certain types of abuse triggers, didn’t even start coming up until more recently.

Since then, I’ve had a couple of relationships where I gained a renewed view of men, and learned a lot about myself. For one, I am capable of trusting.

The Desire to Trust vs. the Need to Justify the Pain

One of those relationships was with an amazing guy who treated me with great respect. Fights (really just disagreements and discussions) NEVER crossed lines, and I really appreciated rediscovering that not all men were abusive monsters.

Even so, after having been mistreated, cheated on and lied to so extensively, I periodically found myself wanting to sneak a peak at his phone so I could know for sure he was not acting inappropriately. I can honestly say, and he knows this as well, in my effort to be honest and transparent, that I never once gave in to that temptation. He never gave me any red flags. I had to trust that. He didn’t hide anything, he didn’t ever act suspicious, and he loved me.

While all of that helped tremendously, ultimately, my desire to have a healthy relationship built on trust was stronger than my need to have my pained past run the show. That right there is the hardest part and the first key.

Be Okay with Being Wrong

Do I know FOR SURE he didn’t do anything I would find questionable or inappropriate? No. But I have to trust in what I know of his character and how well he treated me, even if someday I find out I was wrong.

How can I be okay with that?

Because there is no other way.

This is the next key—be okay with being wrong. You can’t know everything. You have to trust. Trust your belief system, trust your business partners, trust your family and friends. Place trust where you need, and know that someday one (or more) of those may fail you, and be okay with that too.

Operate from the Empowered Place of “Choice”

Not too long ago, I attracted the attention of another man. This is coming up for me daily. His big thing is “being present” which is great, because it helps me take his lead and be more open and present as well. Every day I have to think about who I am, what I want, and eliminate the what ifs.

What if he’s manipulating me too? What if he’s got an ulterior motive? What if I’m stupid for trusting? What if? What if? What if?

I defer back to my desire to have something healthy and trust. I defer back to my peace with being wrong.

So, what if I do find out my fears are true? What if he is trying to manipulate me or does have an ulterior motive? What if I feel like an idiot for not catching on sooner?

Or what if it simply ends today with no explanation?

I don’t know what I don’t know. How can I? I am okay with that.

In any case, I can leave and deal with it. I’ll be sad for a minute then move on because I am approaching this from an empowered place of choice, rather than a needy place of trying to get him to fill a void within me.

If I want to be open to any healthy possibilities with him or anyone else, I have to trust. I have to trust my intuition, and the absence of red flags thus far. I have to be honest with myself if any concerns come up.

That’s trust in relationships, and the same exact keys apply in all other areas.

Trusting When Sales or MLMs are Involved

Just yesterday, an acquaintance on Facebook from high school messaged me with a link to an MLM (Multi-Level Marketing company) out of the blue.

How would you have reacted? Ignore it? Say, “No thanks, I’m not interested”? Roll your eyes and complain to other friends about the annoyances of people trying to sell you MLM products, services, and business opportunities?

I get it, my very first reaction was annoyed, but then I stepped back and thought, “No, she is a real person and so am I. I am going to treat her like a real person.” It only took an instant for that thought to come in and my decision to act on it changed everything within me on a dime. Already my own experience was better because I was suddenly not annoyed anymore. I made it about her and not me.

I was familiar with this particular MLM and I said something in all honestly to how I think it’s a great thing and cool for her to be spreading the word. We had a little conversation and she ended up asking me for tips, which surprised me. I told her I have a lot of tips for people trying to stretch and grow themselves and referred her to a free offering on my coaching web site, and when she noticed I am a DVSA survivor, she spoke up with gratitude about that as well.

In the end, I felt good that I attempted to live up to my purpose in life to bless others, even in the most basic sense of simply being kind.

A similar thing happened last week with another person. I had also reacted to her outreach person to person and ended up offering to interview her on Periscope since she’s local. I don’t know if she will take me up on that or not, but she is passionate about her product, its results and helping people, so that’s a great thing, right?! Of course it is.

My experience (see that—MY experience… we are each in control of how we experience circumstances, situations, and others) with people in MLMs is so much more pleasurable because I am being honest and treating them like real people. It takes the pressure off both of us.

I am not worried in the least about them “selling me” because, hey, we’re just having a conversation. I won’t buy or do anything I don’t want because I’m operating from that “empowered by choice” place, and I feel great, and they probably do to, having me not bring in preconceived notions (i.e. trust issues) about what they might be doing.

Start Learning to Trust Again

If you relate to these examples around trust or to the client, student, or follower examples from the opening, then set aside a little bit of time tonight.

Ask yourself these questions, then decide to embody the keys, summarized below.

  1. Why you are reacting this way?
  2. What benefit are you getting from not trusting?
    (Do not skip this one… no matter how awful something is, if we are continuing to allow it, it is because of some subconscious benefit to us, even if that benefit is something like “to keep me safe from getting hurt again” or “to keep me from success which is scarier to me than failure.”)
  3. What negative consequences are you experiencing from not trusting?
  4. Why you are willing to keep not trusting?
  5. What possibilities open up to you if you decide to trust?
    (Regardless of whether you later discover you were wrong.)

If you were really honest with yourself, I bet you discovered some insight you either didn’t know or wouldn’t admit prior to now. If not, ask yourself again or email me (Tanisha@TanishaMartin.com) to schedule a complimentary 15 minute session with me and I’ll help you raise your self-awareness.

Now what?

Take these keys to heart and reawaken your ability to trust:

  1. The desire to be healthy and trusting has to be stronger than the pain of the past.
  2. Be okay with being wrong.
  3. Operate from an empowered place of choice.
    (Rather than a place of needing to be filled. Rather than from a victim place of what others might do to you, whether break your heart or “try to sell” you.)
  4. Be honest with yourself.

If you are ready to really trust again, then this is the perfect time for you to get some extra support from me. My next Inner Circle coaching program starts soon, and you can still get the early bird rate. Check it out and register here: TanishaMartin.com/innercircle.

Is Fear or Truth Your COO?

Let’s get real honest with ourselves here.

How in tune are we really with how our decisions are made?

It’s pretty well-known by now that despite what we might have wished, 99% of our decisions are made from our subconscious beliefs, and not our conscious mind.

How aware are we of what those core beliefs actually are?

This topic would fill a university with lectures and discussions in and of itself, so we’re going to laser-focus us in on one aspect.

Fear vs. Truth

See if you have experienced any of these examples when making decisions out of fear:

  • Anxiety motivating you to hide
  • Confusion over the unknown
  • Difficulty breathing at the thought that the decision could lead to something bad
  • Chaotic thoughts and feelings when considering options

How about these examples when making decisions out of truth:

  • Confidence that you are capable of even making the decision
  • Clarity of mind that the decision is aligned with your purpose
  • Anxious to get out into the unknown and its possibilities
  • Inner peace because you know that course correction is possible only when you are in motion, and is always an option

In all likelihood, you have experienced a little bit of both!

Now that we’ve brought into our consciousness what each approach might look like, let’s take it one step further.

Take out a sheet of paper and on the top, write Chief Operating Officer (or COO). Then under that, split your sheet in half with a vertical line. On the left, write “Fear.” On the right, write “Truth.”

(I share a similar-looking exercise called “Truth Seeker,” with the same column headers  in my Joyful JuJu Kit. Don’t jump the gun—this is not that.)

On the left under “Fear,” write all the areas of your life you generally make or recently have made decisions out of Fear. List everything big or small.

On the right under “Truth,” write all the areas where your decisions came from Truth.

Which side is better represented, fear or truth?

This is your starting baseline. You might have a lot of work to do or just a little to get your co-COO Fear fired and leave the job solely to Truth.

Either way, your awareness is the first step! Next, be proactive in your decision-making daily, with both large and small choices, so you can practice making them out of truth more and more.

When I and my clients have made the shift, we will all attest that it happens as fast as you admit and give in to truth! And it’s never as scary as we thought it would be. In fact, it turns out that stepping into truth and making decisions from that space is where all the magic is!

Thinking will not overcome fear, but action will.

~ W. Clement Stone

A word of caution—new challenges may arise to test your commitment to truth.

This is normal! This is your subconscious’ way of trying to get back to being comfortable in whatever state you were in before.

Don’t let that discourage you! Know that the more evidence your subconscious receives, the sooner it will adjust to the new way of being, and it will become the new belief and the normal way of being!

That is way exciting! That’s how you grow and create new, amazing experiences in your life! It’s all yours!

Success Focus

This week’s Success Focus is:

  1. Be self-aware in how you feel when faced with both small and large decisions.
  2. Know that Fear will probably stick around, just learn to ignore its tantrums.
  3. Identify Truth and trust it. Always.
  4. Notice the results.

To adapt to living in truth faster and achieve amazing goals in the process, consider joining my next Inner Circle! I hope to see you there!



Resistance Is NOT Futile. …Or Is It?

Resistance is futile…

Who is a closet geek like me? (Or a completely open geek?) As part of my geekhood, I loved Star Trek: The Next Generation, including the Borg’s infamous chant “Resistance is futile.” They scared me. Even watching the clip , it sends chills down my spine!

The Borg were trying to convince every non-Borg being, human and alien alike, that they might as well give in because they don’t stand a chance against the mighty one-mind Borg. And through the heroics of the main characters, we learned that even when faced with insurmountable odds, we can still triumph! Resistance is not futile.

Here’s the thing. That is totally true. And false. Huh? Just hear me out.

I’m going to clarify semantics because resistance is a HUGE issue in life and a constant topic with my coaching clients.

Here’s the short version:

With the Borg, you resist. You resist hard. You lose some, but you keep resisting and eventually you win.

In our lives, when we grow, change, and try to achieve new results in our life, circumstances come up to try to keep us down. The Borg steps in. They are SOOOOOOO convincing, we don’t even recognize them as tools to keep us away from our goals and dreams. They might look like a car breaking down, a family member completely tearing down your hopes and dreams, a child getting sick, or a broken nail (hey, on the eve of a hand model shoot, that’s a big deal!).

When we “resist” those events, unlike when we “resist” the Borg, we are actually giving in to their power to disrupt our lives. We let them take over and we completely abandon our dreams and forward momentum so we can handle the crisis at hand. We are upset. We wish it wasn’t happening. We are stressed. We are resisting what simply is.

Unlike when facing the Borg, we don’t actually have to resist and fight those challenges. In our lives, we RELEASE resistance, and either face them head-on and handle them, or completely ignore them and walk away. For the examples above where a car needs repair or person is in need of extra care, we face them head on. We don’t abandon our loved ones or transportation. For the example where someone has torn apart our dreams, we simply ignore them and continue forward.

We do this at the same time that we continue moving forward with our growth and change. We do both.

Sometimes the resistance is more like, “I need a raise” but you are completely frozen at the thought of opening the conversation with your both. You are in resistance to the steps required to achieve the goal you determined you wanted.

When we successfully step through resistance, in whatever form it comes, we find the new results we were seeking on the other side. We don’t let anything keep us from the growth and improvement we desire!

It is certainly easier said than done, but with practice it gets easier to recognize and step through. This is the topic of my free teleclass, Stepping Through Resistance to Success! coming up this Friday, June 13, 2014. Learn more and register here!