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Eliminate Unnecessary Burdens through Two Questions

I got 30,999 problems, but you won’t be one…

30,999 unread emails, that is…

I am (pretty) good at scanning through my inbox of newsletters and marketing for businesses I still want to receive, even if I rarely open them, to find and read your emails, but I am not good at deleting those newsletters/marketing emails when I’m done or not interested in even opening them!

Subpar Solution to Perfectionism

I used to be super stressed out by the number at the top. I’m a perfectionist who was so overwhelmed by the ideal, ended up living in subpar messes. It was like if I couldn’t do it to perfection, why try?
That’s not a great approach! I have been slowly over time letting go of perfectionist ideals, thus enabling myself to raise my levels to a “normal” standard of excellence. I’m still working on this in some areas, but overall it has been a wonderful process to get out of extremes and into the healthy zone.

Does it REALLY Matter?

In this email scenario—who really cares if there are thousands of emails in my inbox? Deleting them can feel like a burden lifted, but why feel like having them there is a burden in the first place?
We have enough burdens that really do need attention, to make every other little thing such a cause for stress!
I will take some down time watching a movie to mass-delete by sender (a handy feature!) but only because I want to, and not because I HAVE to. It’s no longer driving me crazy. Why should it?
There is something to be said for keeping perspective on what really does and does not matter.
I hope to take what I learned here in seeing more clearly, letting go, and keep improving my priorities elsewhere in my life to eliminate unnecessary burdens, so I can focus on what really does need attention!

Identifying Unnecessary Burdens

It only takes a clear-headed moment and honesty to identify what really does or does not matter. Ask yourself:
  • Is the actual thing hurting me (or someone else), or is it just my perception around that thing that is hurting me?
  • If I don’t handle/change/address this, what will happen?

Just stop for a second. Relax. Get a clear head and ask those two questions. Be ultra honest in your answers and watch unnecessary burdens drop like flies.

The Only Path to Your Goal that Matters

Your Dreams, Your Journey

Country Road

I didn’t have a clue before.

Now, when I step out of my comfort zone into something new, which to keep growing means I’m doing it a LOT, I feel the same way every time. It’s like I’m a brand new white belt all over again.

My saving grace when I’m going for something completely new is I have surrounded myself with support, specifically the knowledge and experience of others who have done what I want to do. That doesn’t completely take away the “I don’t know what the hell I’m doing” thoughts, but it does give me the courage to do what I need to do anyway.

I have gained so muchfrom other coaches’ blueprints, road maps, step-by-step guides, how-tos, live events, and coaching programs, both in mindset as well as practical business and marketing areas. Every single one of those programs I’ve invested in (which ranged from hundreds of dollars to 5-figures—yes, I’ve participated in a 5-figure coaching program and loved it!)… every single one was in one way or another a major, necessary step up to helping me grow and evolve until I am typing this post, recognizing I am truly on the path, having heeded the call of my purpose.

Those programs have all given me a foundation for my life and business and helped me begin putting some tools and system in place to serve my clients.


What they haven’t done, is explained to me the exact opportunities that would propel me forward.

How can they? The formulas are guidelines to get you moving, and you have to have those in place to create a space for the real magic to come in. That usually involves specific opportunities that become available to you, which could never have been predicted.

I went to Suzanne Evans and Larry Winget’s Hell Yeah Star event in the fall of 2013, which focused on creating your personality brand through your look, your book, and your talk. I attended knowing that someday, somehow I was going to write a book and speak in the media and at event to share my message of awareness and hope. I learned incredibly valuable information and had an amazing transformational experience while at HYS.

Now, a little over a year later, I have had three national radio segments on Your Weekend with Jim Brickman, two local news interviews on camera for ABC and FOX affiliates, a live AM talk radio interview in Salt Lake City, I am going to be interviewed for their show again to air on March 7, and I’m being scheduled for a high profile celebrity’s new podcast next month. I’m editing two chapters from my book so my manager can begin to shop literary agent and traditional publisher connections he has. And more to come.

Those are examples of what new and exciting opportunities will come your way. For some, it’s not about media exposure or sharing a message on that scale, rather it’s about getting and serving their next five clients, finding the solution to a family dispute, or learning how to care for so many responsibilities without neglecting themselves. Regardless of the specific goal, the point remains.

All of the coaching I’ve participated in has helped me prepare, but nothing could have predicted how this has and will continue to play out.

The path that actually caused the massive progression I’m experiencing was (and is) my action on my inspired purpose.

The only path that truly matters is your authentic purpose.

Your authentic purpose set on a solid foundation drives the path. With support, coaching, and some semblance of systems in place, when you follow your authentic purpose, and doors will fly open.

I can track key events on a timeline that facilitated all of this, from my major breakthrough that shattered my income ceiling for the first time and simultaneously gave me the self-respect and courage I needed to leave my abuse marriage, to my reaching out to my non-scripted talent manager having only a small idea of what I was hoping to learn from him, to my shedding of my crippling fear of judgment I posted about a couple weeks ago, to so many other moments.

I could take it back even further to the realization I had in my twenties that I couldn’t stay longer than a year and a half at any job. Some would say I wasn’t willing to pay my dues or do what it takes to care for myself financially, but I’ve come to understand that it was part of my divine nature to recognize inspiration and the fact that I was made to do so much more in this world than be owned by a boss and clock in and clock out. Have there been a lot of struggles trying to figure it all out? Heck yeah. But every single one has been worth it to be where I am today and where I am going.

I could even take it back as far as I can remember when we were on a road trip and my dad would ask me about my dreams for when I grew up. I described to him the restaurant I wanted to own, and the design I drew with eyes all over the exterior. (WTH was that about?!) I planned an amusement park where there was a giant giraffe structure that would show movies in the belly and one of the legs was a slide you use to exit. My dad was pivotal in fostering my imagination and developing my problem-solving/analytical part of my thinking. He passed away a few years ago, and those two skills are among my greatest assets as an entrepreneur.

All of these experiences are part of my authentic journey, and these last few months have been the pinnacle result of those in my life thus far. It’s thrilling beyond measure, and I hope you are likewise heeding the call for your life! If you are, then now is the perfect time for you to join me and others like us in my next Inner Circle Group Coaching Program where I will help you clear out the boulders in the path, and create your own opportunities.

Your life is waiting, the time is now. Learn more and register here.


How Intention Stops You Dead in Your Tracks

What matters more, the “intention” or the result?

Goal CalendarOn one hand, it’s the thought that counts, right?

Sure, the thought often weighs more in relationships where, for example, your loved one “intended” to do something nice for you and fell flat on their face by getting you that lovely scarf in your worst color, or taking you to that play you would absolutely love, but you had to pinch yourself to stay awake the whole time.

We value the giver’s “intention” to please us—we look straight past the flop and right into their heart because we know they care about us. It might even make for a funny story later, like Hitch‘s first date with Sara or Albert making a huge scene and quitting his job trying to “shock and awe” Allegra! (Love that movie!)

But within our own selves where our livelihoods are at stake, intention doesn’t pay the bills. You can’t “intend” to get a new client by such and such a date to cover, say, a rent increase, and if it doesn’t happen just decide you’ll try again next month.

This is where that loose definition of intention will stop you dead in your tracks. To actually achieve your goals and get results, is critical to learn what intention really is.

As a noun, intention is:

  1. an act or instance of determining mentally upon some action or result.
  2. the end or object intended; purpose.

If you “determine mentally upon some action or result,” that means you determine that action or result WILL happen, that “the end or object intended” WILL occur.

100% Intention = Results

If you make ten sales calls to try to secure a new client, and everyone says, “No,” you may get discouraged and decide to try again next month. If that is the case, then what you really intended in the first place was to make sales calls and stop when you’ve made all ten on your list.

Your intention turned out not to be a new client, but merely to make some sales calls. If your intention was truly to secure the new client, you would make another list or explore other ways to reach potential clients, perhaps through referrals from current clients.

You would explore and exhaust every option available to you until you secure the new client.

How do you take your intention and translate that into getting results?

4 ways to ensure your intention will take you across the finish line to your goal:

  1. Be clear on what your intention really is.
    Whether it is merely to make the ten sales calls or to, in fact, secure the new client.
  2. Forget alternate semantics.
    From now on, your definition of “intention” is with the results in mind. Never allow yourself to use the excuse, “I meant to… I intended to… I wanted to… I tried to…” again.
  3. Make a full 100% intention.
    1% or even 99% intention guarantees only the chance that you’ll experience the result. Only 100% intention guarantees the result. Explore your big “why” for help getting you over the edge.
  4. Practice, practice, practice.
    Keep this process top-of-mind until you really know what it means within yourself to have 100% intention and get results. Get help on my FREE call Monday, December 1, 2014, “9 Ways to Score Big on Your Next Goal.”

Williams, Lawrence, Rice, Peterson, Maynard, YOU

How do You Keep Your Chin Up When the Media and Your Fight for Others Get Heavy

Regardless of your opinion on each of these issues, we are bombarded with horror and trauma every day. Between Robin Williams’ suicide this summer, Jennifer Lawrence and other celebrities’ sexual assault, videos and photos about NFL players such as Rice and Peterson and domestic violence and child abuse, the recent death of terminally ill Brittany Maynard who advocates for the Dying with Dignity cause, the $9.6 BILLION human trafficking and sex slavery industry in America, and our own troubles, it’s time to take a step back and remember a few things…

Life is what YOU make it.

No, you can’t advocate for those who can’t speak out for themselves, or really promote a cause without seeing and sharing some aspect of the horror, but that doesn’t mean it has to permeate every aspect of your life!

Do what you need to do, help whom you need to help, while simultaneously creating the life you love. Be exposed to the terrible acts you are fighting, and balance it with everything that is beautiful and wonderful in your own life.

Terrible suffering has always and will always exist—how much more valuable is your ability to help those who are suffering while not succumbing to the darkness around those circumstances? How much more can you do when you are energetic and hopeful because you are enjoying your own life?

It’s not selfish to cherish the freedoms and comforts you have created for yourself.

Remember that every single person of functioning mind in a free country can create new experiences for themselves, just as you have done. It is ultimately their responsibility, not yours, to discover that they have power in their lives, and then to make the choices that serve them best.

Having compassion for those who are struggling is a valuable, and I would say critical, trait for your own character and for blessing the world. However, feeling guilty for having broken free from your own struggles is an emotion whose consequences don’t serve you or others.

Like the famous story about the boy who was throwing compromised starfish back into the ocean, and the downer man who said there was no way he could make a difference to the problem – he DID make a difference to each one who was returned to the ocean.

Love everyone and do what you can. Encourage others to do what they can. Keep up the fight and keep the bright light of hope shining in your heart and mind.

Keep infusing your life with everything that means the most to you, and keep fighting the good fight for others. If you need a pick-me-up, try my Joyful JuJu Get Happy Stay Happy Kit.

I’d love to hear what causes you are fighting for! Comment below and share how you keep your chin up when it gets tough. Thank you for all you do! :)


Turning Prospects Into Clients

Biz 101: The 7-10 Touch Rule

You’ve probably heard a million times before that it takes 7-10 marketing touches before a prospect will buy, and they will only buy when they are ready. If they are not one of the 3% or less of all of your prospects who sought you out because they are ready to buy the first time they encounter you, then how are you going to stay top of mind until they are ready?

By having a solid, consistent, insightful prospect nurturing system in place. Your number one goal with new prospects isn’t to sell to them, rather it is to:

  • connect with them
  • help them in your area of expertise
  • nurture them until they are ready to buy, and beyond

In other words, to offer them something of value in exchange for joining your list, then provide a quality ezine or email newsletter to stay connected. Your prospects will

  • have an opportunity to get to know, like, and trust you
  • begin to see you as an expert
  • turn to you for help
  • be more likely to respond to an offer in the future
  • come to you when they are ready to buy

There are many email marketing services out there, and some are inexpensive and useful when you are just starting out—my clients and I used Constant Contact in the past. However, if you have a vision, I would go straight for the system that represents where you are going so you can capitalize on all of its features and support for your business’s growth potential from day one. I’m about to import, segment, and, frankly, “deal with” over 2600 contacts for one of my clients who finally decided to upgrade to another system. It can be done, but just know that the sooner the better, not to mention the quicker you’ll get results from the use of the robust software!

I use an incredible software developed specifically for small business owners, by a company that started small and cares about us. InfusionSoft is unique in its automated and contact segmentation, and it does so much more, like

  • Sales automation
  • Online store
  • Autoresponder campaigns

It’s amazing to have prospects join a free teleclass or paid course, and have the entire follow-up sequence run on its own! Plus be able to customize mailings to my main list, but exclude those who have already purchased the product I’m promoting. That’s just one simple example.

Use your one-to-many connection to supplement your in-person and one-to-one relationship building efforts and you will be golden! In full disclosure, I may receive compensation for referrals, but I have used them for two and a half years, and give them a 5-star rating! And ultimately, my prospects and clients are better taken care of because of InfusionSoft, which positively impacts my bottom line.

Tell my rep Trent I sent you and he’ll hook you up! 480-499-6877 or